Join us via ZOOM on November 22th from 2 to 3 PM for Stock Option Bootcamp with Bruce Brumberg.  This event is open to all members.

Whether you are new to stock comp or want to sharpen your knowledge, this webinar will provide practical info and insights to maximize your success. All the essential topics below will be presented in 60 lively minutes by Bruce Brumberg, Esq., the editor-in-chief and co-founder of and a contributor. Bruce is a respected expert on these topics with over 20 years of experience in stock comp education, communications, and training.
– Stock options: 8 core features
– Exercise methods
– 4 key features of nonqualified stock options (NQSOs)
– NQSO taxation: 5 core rules
– 3 special features of incentive stock options (ISOs)
– ISO taxes: 7 key points
– ISOs compared to NQSOs and what’s better for your clients
– Restricted stock & RSUs: 7 key features
– 10 tax rules for restricted stock/RSUs
– How restricted stock & RSUs differ
– Stock options compared to restricted stock/RSUs: what’s better for your clients
– Key decisions to make with restricted stock/RSUs and stock options
– Difference between private and public company stock grants, including taxes
– Checklist of questions to ask clients with stock comp and info to gather