Core Values

Primary Aim

The financial planning profession exists to help consumers make wise financial decisions to achieve their life goals.

FPA® benefits the public by helping to ensure that financial planning is delivered through competent, ethical financial planners.

FPA is the community that fosters the value of financial planning and advances the financial planning profession.

Core Values

At FPA, our core values represent who we are. They describe our intended state of being. They are so integral to our being that we would not abandon them even if we were penalized for holding them. They are value of FPA, and we want to attract as members those who share our values


Our dedication to competence requires not only lifelong learning, but also that we continually assess our ability to appropriately and effectively address the needs of those we serve.


We strive to have ever more congruence between our words and deeds, and to deliver genuine value to those whom we serve.


We are committed to open, inclusive and respectful relationships, including collaboration among diverse parties on common interests.


We recognize our responsibility to act with vision, ever mindful of the effects of our actions today and tomorrow on the future.


FPA’s objectives are timeless end states we will strive for in order to achieve our primary aim.

  • Unify the voice, focus and resources of the financial planning community.
  • Grow the organization by bringing together those who champion the financial planning process.
  • Cultivate the body of knowledge of personal financial planning.
  • Advance brand awareness for professional financial planners, building the CFP® certification as the hallmark of the brand.
  • Define and effectively communicate a common understanding of the discipline of personal financial planning and the benefits of its use.
  • Facilitate the success of our members.