As a financial advisor, would you sell your business if you found out it might be worth nearly twice what you thought?  That might be true.  In this episode, host Brad Wright is joined by guest, Scott DiGiammarino of JPTD Partners, and WPP co-host, Chris Boyd, who is selling his practice, to talk about the potential environment for investment advisors thinking of selling. There are no shortage of worries in the world – the impact of AI, fee compression, market disruptions, and more.  As a financial advisor, we often urge clients to diversify and not keep too much of a single holding, yet for many of us, our business interests represent our largest asset and source of income.  In this episode, Scott (“DiGi”) DiGiammarino provides tips as to which firms can fetch top dollar and how to make improvements when necessary.  Having a consultant’s help can enable you to look at your business in a way that will attract buyers and find firms offering higher deal structures.  What are the questions you should consider to determine which buyer might be the best fit for you?  Listen in.  We hope this episode will provide you helpful considerations as you might be planning for yourself as we transition from one year to the next.