Join us for Guy’s Wicked Smahht People Webinar Series, featuring Jack Wang College Planning and Financial Aid Expert

Paying for college – one of the most stressful events for your clients. And can seriously dent your client’s financial plans you’ve helped with. Clients expect their advisors/planners to be able to help with this, but the advice can’t just say “put every last cent into a 529” or the ever popular but incorrect “you can borrow for college but can’t borrow for retirement” advice.

In this session, we’ll review how college aid actually works, when planning should start, what aid formulas actually consider, and strategies for paying for those clients who are too rich to get aid but too poor to pay full price.  Deepen client relationships and set the stage to work with the next generation by providing concrete advice for this huge life and financial decision.

1 CFP CE pending approval.

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